Mead Brothers Car Wash

Hours of Operation - OPEN: Monday - Sunday 6am to 10pm

With the Mead Brothers Car Wash in Hinesburg VT we offer multiple car wash options. Starting with the Automatic Bay and the Manual Bay. Pick which ever one you prefer! We also provide conveniently positioned vacuums right next to the facility.

Automatic Bay - Magic Wand Touchless Technology!

When you are using the Automatic Bay at the Mead Brothers Car Wash, we want you to know your options. Select from the 4 options below when you get here.

 $6.00 Express Pre-Soak, Soap, High Pressure Rinse, Spot Free
 $8.00 Super
 Express Wash Plus Under Carriage Spray
 $10.00 Deluxe
Express Plus, Under Carriage, and Wax
 $12.00 Works
 Express Plus, Under Carriage, Wax, Tri-Foam
Manual Bay

$2 for 4 minutes
If you need more than 4 minutes simply add more for additional time.
  • Spray Options
  • PreSoak
  • Soap
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Foam Brush
  • Wax
  • Rinse

*Important Note - The Manual Bay has a 12 foot Door Clearance.